2008 II World Fair of NGVs and H2Vs

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This was the official website for the 2008 II World Fair of NGVs and H2Vs.
Content is from the site's 2007 - 2008 archived pages.



World fair of natural gas and hydrogen vehicles at the start in Turin
Di Gianluca Wednesday 10 September 2008
The World Fair of Natural Gas and Hydrogen vehicles will take place in Turin on the 25th to the 27th of September next to the Lingotto exhibition center . This is an important event dedicated to sustainable mobility and the use of biomethane and hydrogen for road transport and will host 21 countries, 7 Asian delegations and over sixty exhibitors.

Why precisely in Turin? Simple. In our country in 2006, 40582 natural gas vehicles were sold, of which 86% of which were produced by Fiat and the number of those who decided to convert their car to methane was high, as many as 38400 in 2006 alone.

The event, organized by NGV Communications Group , aims to offer the public the opportunity to learn about the benefits, policies and all the news related to sustainable mobility. The declared objective is to achieve in a short time methane the 6% share of the total of automotive fuels, a sufficient amount for natural gas to pass from alternative to traditional fuel.
5 thousand square meters dedicated to the technological innovations developed in the field of engines with alternative power supply, plus another 2 thousand for conferences and other side events we hope are enough to reach the goal, we hope.



"Clean energy for a sustainable world"
Exhibition - Master Conferences
September 25-27, 2008
Lingotto Fiere, Pavilion 1 - Turin, Italy

A gathering that guarantees information and business

The II World Fair of NGVs and H2Vs will mobilize the always avid Italian public of the automotive industry and environment. The peninsula possesses the highest ratio vehicle/inhabitant in Europe. The Italian industry and family focus their attention daily on the automobile world. The national and regional promotion of the event ensures the visit of local people. The meeting will be strongly publicized in the Piedmont, thanks to the support from regional, provincial and commune authorities; for instance, city and outskirts buses will be dressed with signs of the fair.   

Attendance from the continent will also be significant: the German, Spanish and Eastern Europe markets are expanding, as well as the ones at Austria, Switzerland and Sweden, whereas meaningful decisions are expected from diverse CNG-related institutions of the European Union. All will experience first-hand the main European market and the most important one of the world in terms of OEM NGVs.

The fair is over one year away, and visa requests from Asian countries contingents are already arriving, as a clear proof of the mobilizing attraction of this encounter. It is strong the magnetic effect generated by gathering the whole local and international industry at the same time and place, with state-of-the-art technologies and services. Business, news, innovation and tourism, the II World Fair should be a “must” in your calendar. The same happens in North and South America, protagonists that have got rich along time due to the technological exchange with the pioneering local industry.   

The repercussion of the II World Fair of NGVs and H2Vs has the power of NGV Communications Group through its 6 hard-copy magazines (The Gas Vehicles Report, Asian NGV Communications, Prensa Vehicular, Folha do GNV, Prensa Vehicular Perú, and Prensa Vehicular Colombia), and its electronic products.


Why in Europe? Why in Italy?

Italian OEMs sold a total of 40,582 NGVs in 2006, a world record figure. Fiat was favourite by far: 86% of registrations were of models produced by the Turin manufacturer.
The first five months of 2007, one model alone, the small Panda Panda, received 28,000 orders; specialists estimate that the amount will rise to 40,000 by the end of December.
The number of conversions was high in 2006: 38,400, what also shows that the other pillar of the Italian NGV market is powerful and much healthy: every month of 2007 evidences more switches to methane than the same period last year.
The II World Fair of NGVs and H2Vs backs the national target according to which the clean fuel market share will be 6%, enough to consider NGV as a traditional fuel and not an alternative one.

On the other hand, in Germany, up to June of 2007, there was a 10% reduction of diesel/gasoline models registration and a 19% increase of NGVs. The drop in sales of liquid fuels units is due to current alerts and debates on CO2 emissions. This first semester, the favourites list is led by Volkswagen with 1,998 NGVs, completing the podium Opel (1,658) and Fiat (614). Then, Daimler Chrysler (109), Citroën (102) and Renault (82).

In Sweden, Volvo sales account for 80% of the total NGV models running in the country. The Swedish are now waiting for the launching of CNG Volkswagen Passat and Mercedes Benz B-Class, both expected to be introduced in the market by late 2008. Various incentives strongly support the use of “environmental vehicles”.

A major CNG fleet of buses and public services trucks is being consolidated in the main cities of Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Burgos and others. The great leap is expected in the next months since regulations have been approved by which natural gas use in LDVs is enabled.

Gaz de France promotes the implementation of domestic compressors for CNG refuelling and the segment follows attentively the fulfillment of the French government resolution establishing that one out of every three new buses should operate on natural gas.

While Switzerland moves forward rapidly towards the application of biogas to transport, Austria stated its plans to complete the national fuelling stations network by doubling the amount of fuel outlets already in operation in the country.

Ukraine, with 60,000 HDVs, is the second CNG continental market and its growth continues steadily.

Russia has recently announced the expansion of its supplying centres with 200 new stations to serve one million NGVs the next decade.

Whereas these developments take place in the different national markets, it is expected that the European Union defines the way to attain its own objective, in other words, replace at least 10% of liquid fuels consumption with natural gas by year 2020. This represents some 24 million NGVs around the continent.



An initiative conceived for everyone

The days for attending the event are Thursday, Friday (for the visit of specialists and businessmen from the segment in general), and Saturday (to include also the Italian family).

The trade fair will be in the hall nearest the main entrance, number 1, of 5,000 m2 and 2,000 m2 for conference, registration and amenities. The adjacent parking area may accommodate 200 vehicles.

The admission will be free. Visitors will be able to pre-register on-line or in-situ when entering the fair.

Exhibitors will have every traditional service available: official forwarder, crane, lighting, fire extinguishers, security, electrician, graphic work, catering, telephone, internet, cleaning, furniture, equipment, photos, plants, laser pointer, hostesses, audio and video. Among the general exhibit services, there are: safety and  hygiene, firemen, insurance, snack bar, medical care and ambulance: loudspeakers, signs, electronic or in-situ pre-registration, and certificate of attendance.    

In addition, exhibitors may rent a business room with a seating capacity of 150 people, in 90 minutes modules.  

For the trade show, an official catalogue will be published with an advertising offer for exhibitors and sponsors. It will be produced in Italian and English and will have a summary on each firm’s commercial activity.

Parcitipating with a booth in Turin means being in the world CNG capital in the second semester of 2008. The “place to be” to do business and strengthen corporate image, as well as products and services.


Master Conferences, a different information option

In the Red Room, located in Hall Nº 1, the Master Conferences of the II World Fair of NGVs and H2Vs will be held. They will be given by the most recognized experts of the European and Italian community, dealing with government policies, transport, environment, state-of-the-art technologies, among other subjects.

The Master Conferences are an extra praiseworthy benefit. They will not be the typical round tables. There will be 10 prestigious speakers in individual sessions that will last 30/40 minutes, and at the end, the audience will ask questions. The speakers, their curriculums, titles and an ample summary of their presentations will be available for those interested on the website . 

The conferences shall not have a commercial nature or respond to the exclusive vision of a company. They will have to be all-embracing and unifying, showing variety and dissent in each subject and sector.

The presentations will have bilingual translation Italian-English.

Admission to conferences will be free, and it will only require on-line pre-registration on the website .

The attendees with diplomas will also receive a free subscription to The GVR or Asian NGV Communications for 6 months and the conference CD as well.

26 of June of 2007

II World Fair of NGVs &H2Vs

this website you will find information on the II World Fair of NGVs & H2Vs, which will take place September 25-27 at Lingotto Fiere, Turin, Italy.
In the heart of the Italian automotive production and in one of the major industrial centres of Europe, this meeting is announced to show the latest world CNG technology and services. 

New versions of OEM CNG vehicles are launched in the Old World and the Italian market maintains its historical growth and consolidation as a leader in the sector.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of master conferences, technical tour, test drive, business rooms and other initiatives that will strengthen the previous experience carried out in Bolzano, Italy, the I World Fair that gathered over 10 OEMs, 70 units on display, 100 booths and 9,320 visitors.

Mark it on your calendar and reserve your participation.

5 of June of 2007

Torino, Italia - II World Fair of NGV and Hydrogen

From 8th to 12th of June, 2005, it was held the World Fair of NGV and Hydrogen in Bolzano. It was the biggest methane for vehicles event not only in the Italian but also in the European history: 101 stands of the sector’s companies (11 of which belonged to OEMs), which occupied a space of 3,598 m2, and were visited by 9,320 people, and over 70 vehicles were on display. 

The days proposed for carrying out the event are Thursday, Friday (for the attendance of specialists and the segment in general), and Saturday (for the visit of the Italian family).

The trade fair will be of 5,000 m2, and 2,000 m2 for conference, registration and amenities.

The admission will be free. Visitors will be able to register on internet or in-situ on entering the fair.

Master Conferences
There will be a series of master conferences given by experts and technicians from the European and Italian community, from the transport and environmental segments, and they will deal with market experiences and state-of-the-art technologies. 

Access will be free and open to the public.

Technical tour
It will consist in technical visits to Iveco, Fiat, and to Gerbido, the largest methane bus station of Europe.  Visitors will be transferred on natural gas buses and will enjoy a reception with snack and lunch offered by the companies in their facilities.

Test Drive
A dynamic circuit of tests will be designed for several models of NGVs, where attendance to the fair will be able to try them. By the track, there will be boxes for units to stop during the resting time, for access of people interested in participating in the test drive.



General Agenda


Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th of September
8:00    -     20:00 Stands set-up
Thursday 25th of September
11:00    -     18:00 Exhibition
12:00 Opening ceremony and welcome cocktail
14:00    -     18:00 Master conferences
Friday 26th of September
9:00 Technical tour departing from Lingotto Fiere
11:00    -     18:00 Exhibition
14:00    -     18:00 Master conferences
Saturday 27th of September
11:00    -     18:00 Exhibition
11:00    -     18:00 Handing-out of conference diplomas at the Organization Secretary
Sunday 28th of September
8:00    -     20:00 Disassembly of stands


The test-drive and the partners program (city tour and other tourist visit) still have to be incorporated in this agenda.




Technical tour

Friday 26th of September

09:00----------------------Technical tour departing from Lingotto Center
09:40----------------------Arrival to Fiat Research Centre
11:30----------------------Visit to Gerbido – GTT (Gruppo Torinese Trasporti) CNG bus depot
12:30----------------------Snack offered by GTT
13:30----------------------Departure from Gerbido
14:00----------------------Arrival to Lingotto Center        


A technical tour to amaze the most expert visitors

The technical tour is exceptional. There will be a visit to the biggest bus depot of Europe and to the Fiat Research Center. Visitors will be transferred on natural gas buses, with the latest technology; the visits will be developed in Italian and English and participants will enjoy a reception with snack offered by the companies in their facilities. It is highly recommended to register as soon as possible because the number of places is limited.  

The Gerbido experience

The Gerbido facility of the Turin public company Gruppo Torinese Trasporti-GTT, occupies an area of 100,000 m2, divided into 30,000 m2 of covered space, 54,000 m2 of outdoor area and around 16.000 m2 to be used as depot of fixed installations. The construction was completed in more than two years and the total cost was of Euros 9.6 M. In Gerbido there are approximately 840 people working: 700 drivers, 100 workers y 40 employees.

Apart from having achieved an optimum ratio between available area and number of vehicles, the facility is characterized by its role of direct auxiliary to the GTT Headquarters. The company focuses on works that require high specialization in buses maintenance: substitution of complete pieces, general mechanical and electrical assistance, etc.  During these years, Gerbido has grown and is currently used not only by its own transport units but also by the whole GTT fleet. It possesses all necessary technology to intervene and control the integral system of methane applied to buses.  Methane volatility allowed the creation of a natural gas supplying area and another one for hydrogen testing. Today, some 350 vehicles operate in the site, 200 of which are CNG-propelled.  
After acquiring the first methane models, one of the first refueling stations was built in Italy, which initially supplied its own fleet and later opened to the public in general. Nowadays, the first hydrogen bus of Italy is also kept in Gerbido.

A refueling colossus

The management of the CNG supplying station, both for outside customers and for the needs of the facility itself, has been granted to MET Corporation, which was born in June 2001 with an 80% GTT share and a 20% Tecla share. MET develops projects and constructions of CNG and other fuels stations, commercialization of natural gas for vehicles, and all stuff related to the CNG universe. MET has installed NG stations in Padua, Novara, besides Gerbido and Vanchiglia, Turin.   The Gerbido plant was opened on the 5th of December 2005 (although by April that year, it began operating) and is the largest CNG fuelling post of Italy and Europe.  The space assigned for the public is managed separately from the fuelling facility of Gerbido’s buses. This space has 4 compressors capable of supplying up to 6 buses at the same time, refilling cylinders (8 in standard buses, 10 in articulated ones) with a 220 bar pressure at most. There is a spare equipment to be employed in case the pressure fell to 50 bar (even when this figure is not applicable to all units, since some of them work on lower pressures. This being a gas, ambient temperature affects the fluid behaviour). Each compressor has, in turn, 2 “satellites”, small columns operating as pump. On both sides of the vehicles, supplying valves were fitted: this option was expressly requested by GTT to facilitate refueling, which is completed in a maximum of 15 minutes.

Fiat Research Center, the industry of innovation

The Fiat Research Center S.C.p.A. was born as reference of innovation, research and development of Fiat Group. Along with the Orbassano headquarters (Turín), there are other four decentralized centres (Bari, Catania, Trento and Foggia) and a partnership in Udine. The center has a workforce of 870 employees, 57% of which have Masters-equivalent degrees or higher in Engineering disciplines, Science, Mathematics and Economics. A network of over 150 universities and R&D as well as more than 750 industrial operators all over the world support the actions of this organism. This network is capable of strengthening global innovation strategies, implementing operational activities at local level, guaranteeing creation of competitiveness, and a continuous monitoring of research and development plans
The center is characterized by being a company with completely private capital and devoted to transferring its results to the industrial universe. The whole activity is carried out backed by specific research contracts.
Some 2006 figures:

  • Integrated knowledge for developing products and processes  

  • Advanced development methods de for time / costs reduction

  • Orientation in results transfer

  • 400 products, production processes and methods under way

  • 760 inventions protected by more than 2,000 patents

  • 487 European projects since 1989, with over 700 partners

  • 751 partners in common programs

  • Over 800 qualified professionals  

  • Laboratories and test rooms with the latest technology  

  • This is where the Fiat Panda Panda was developed, the current star of the Italian CNG market

Research and development priorities

It is a respected centre-of-excellence as regards:

  • Architectures, technologies and materials for internal combustion engines (using gasoline, diesel and natural gases);

  • Vehicles and systems with alternative means of propulsion ;

  • New architectures and technologies for infrastructures and modes of transport;

  • Renewable energy systems.